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Devils Tower Lodge  
Summer Newsletter 2011


Summer 2011 is here and Full of Life at Devils Tower Lodge!!!!

Professional Climbing Guides InstituteWe have had an Overwhelming Number of Wonderful Climbing Days with New Rock Stars full of SAFETY and Competence, Thanks to PCGI !!!!
To share our Gratitude for the wonderful work this 501(c)(3) organization does, we are donating:

   “ A Day With the Devil” - Guided Climbing For 2 Folks At Devils Tower.

Don't Miss Out, Bid Now!

A Day With The Devil - Guided Climbing Fundraiser Auction

Support the PCGI 501c3 non-profit , get a tax deduction and go climb Devils Tower!

Big thanks to Mr. Frank Sanders of Devils Tower Climbing for supporting the PCGI 501c3 non-profit by donating a full day (climb as much as you want/can in a day!) of Guided Climbing on Devils Tower.  
All proceeds from this online auction benefit PCGI, going directly to the PCGI 501c3 non-profit. PCGI’s mission is to Develop, Define and Improve the Safety, Technical and Educational Standards of Guided Rock Climbing and Instruction!

PCGI classes and assessments will be held at Devils Tower Lodge in September.  Sign up soon to save Your space in Top Rope, Single Pitch or MultiPitch courses. 

Meanwhile, On The Home Front

Felipe has been a Fantastic Guide
, a recent graduate of PCGI’s MultiPitch course.  He has been an incredible addition to Devils Tower Climbing this year.  This young man speaks four languages and has traveled extensively.  Mostly, he is the embodiment of a GUIDE and we are incredibly fortunate to have him here with us this year. 

The “6 Hour Introduction to Climbing Course” has been a success, allowing us to meet Amazing People that we would have otherwise missed.  Young Ben (13) took part in the Intro to Climbing Course, and ended up Summiting the next day.  He is truly a marvelous climber and human being.  Chris, Jen and their two children, Lincoln and Annabelle (our “Dye-Dye Butterfly”) also came for some climbing days with Frank and gave us the infusion of Happy Family Times.  Thank You, Thank You, Thank YOU!!!


We have been Guiding EVERY DAY since May !! There are too many Success Stories to recount in a Newsletter. Each and Every one of You have Attained an Elevated Perspective on this Life, and have made Memories That Will Last a Lifetime !  Please be invited to be part of the “Friends of Devils Tower Lodge” group of people who travel long and short distances to Share this Special Place with us. 

As Sturgis Rally comes closer and we all begin to feel the effects of Summer heat, we realize how much we enjoy what we are able to do here.  Aisling has been working magic in the kitchen, keeping us well-fed!!!! Jack has been making sure the grass is mowed, the buildings painted, the bathrooms in operation and generally keeping the Lodge a well-groomed place to be!!  We have had gatherings of climbers who are also musicians and artists. They have enjoyed each other’s company, in the warm summer evenings, as well as bringing JOY to all who hear/see/converse with them !!!! 


Tom Bowker and friend Lydia Pyne told tales of travels with the American Alpine Club in Iran after the Iranians came to visit the Grand Teton area in the Spring.  Perry Rust brought us news from the four corners of the earth. 


July brought us a close encounter with the History Channel when they came to film the pilot for their National Monument series (a follow-up to the hugely successful National Park Series) !!!! 
We had a great day goof-ing and climbing with the crew. 
Thank You to the Filming Crew: Dave, Robert, Gary and Kim—for a fun time on camera.
We’ll let You know when the show is scheduled to air !


We look forward to the next time we have the opportunity to see YOU, H E R E, at Devils Tower – Rest, Relax, Take a Class, Climb a Rock, and Know that You are Loved and Admired for All that You Do.  Do Give Us a Call Before We Run Out of Summer !!!

We look forward to hearing about Your adventures and hope to see You at the Lodge this Summer.  Know that You are loved and Admired for All That You do!!


Frank, Juliana, Aisling, Jack and Felipe


Call to reserve the day for YOUR Dreams To Come True !!!!!
Call 307-467-5267


"Buddha Left a Road Map.
Krishna Left a Road Map.
Rand McNally Left a Road Map,
But You Still have to Travel the Road 
       -Stephen Levine-


Posted on August 12 , 2011

Devils Tower Lodge in Wyoming ~ An incredible Bed @ Breakfast setting like no other place on earth!
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