Devils Tower Gulch restaurant is the closest place to dine near Devil's tower. Scenic views of the National monument can be seen from almost all the restaurant windows. However, the greatest thing about this restaurant is not the view. It is the atmosphere and people that make it great.

When you dine at Devils Tower Gulch you are dining in the Devils Tower community. The restaurant host community events to bring both locals and visitors together. They host bands, help the local quilters, and tighten the fabric of the small town. You'll often see the owner there, tending to the guests and giving some good old western hospitality. Not much is in the town of Devils Tower, but what is there holds a lot of heart.

The food at Devils Tower Gulch is proof of that heart. The food is homemade with love and care. Their delicious chicken fried steak, Ribeye, pizza and other american comfort foods are sure to leave a smile. The log cabin decorations paired with their delightful menu is meant to make you feel cozy and welcome. This restaurant is actually an excellent place to bring kids. Aside from their very clean atmosphere, the staff is friendly and fun for kids of all ages.

No Devils Tower business would be complete without a gift shop. Devils Tower Gulch's gift shop is small, but full of memories to take home with you. With the cheap prices on food, there is something for everyone in their rustic shop.

Whatever your reason for coming to Devils Tower your vacation is not complete without a visit to this casual western restaurant. Your view will be sublime, your food delicious, and your experience truly memorable. This is definitely the number one must-eat for Devils Tower, Wyoming if you want to get a real taste of of the community and chicken fried steak.