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Historically many Native American Tribes have held a connection with the area around Devils Tower; especially the tribes of the Great Plains and Black Hills region. Today over two dozen tribes associate with the Tower site including the Arapaho, Crow, Cheyeene, Shoshone, and Lakota tribes. Most of these tribes hold individual origin stories that make for rich historical and captivating experience. Which is probably what made it the first national monument in the United States.

Other than being a historical marvel, Devils Tower is also a geological one. Studied by many geologist over the years the rock has become a scientific marvel. The rock is formed from a rare igneous rock called phonolite porphyry, which gives it it's unique shape. It is the largest example of Columnar Jointing in the entire world.

Devil's tower also hosts many wildlife. Everything from white tailed dear to prairie dogs to golden eagles. A lot of wildlife make their home in this national monument and make for exciting site seeing and camera shots.

Probably what brings the most to Devils Tower Lodge is the climbing. This unique rock formation makes for a unique and adventurous climb. The first recorded climb was made by two ranch farmers nearby, Willard Ripley and William Rogers, who climbed it using a simple stake latter. Today there are many climbers in the area, but probably none as experienced as the owner of Devils Tower Lodge.

Finally one of the greatest parts about this national monument is night sky. Out in the wilderness the milkyway is a glow with thousands of stars. With the silhouette of Devils Tower in view you can truly witness the majesty and power of nature. This National monument is breathtaking on all levels and its definitely
worth the trip to visit this richly historical, geological, and breath-taking site.